Marsee Tank Bag Technology

Marsee Tank Bag Technology-

With the introduction on motorcycles of mounted cameras, GPS, radar detectors, stereos, blue tooth, two way communications, electric power in tank bags, etc., the function of a tank bag can take on a whole new meaning. The tank bag can become the distribution center of all the above mentioned equipment. Unfortunately most tank bag manufacturers have not addressed their potential role as a valuable tool for these high tech features. Manufacturers still make soft sided bags that bend and flex under load and distort the view and ability to operate high tech equipment. The map pocket is still flexible, wavy vinyl and flaps in the wind for a distorted view of anything in the map pocket.

Marsee has risen to the occasion once again to deliver advanced technology to adequately serve the motorcyclists needs.
(1) Marsee has created a three layer laminated shell using nylon with an EVA closed cell foam center section to create a semi-rigid outer shell structure. This technique gives a good solid base on which to mount electronics and equipment, no collapsing or flexing under weight.
(2) Internally we use a silver colored fabric, to make it easy for the user to find dark objects in their bag, this material is seam sealed to render it totally waterproof. Actually, it can be used as a cooler by placing Ice and drinks in it, if one so desires.
(3) To help repel water and wind from entering the interior of the bag we have placed a rigid internal storm flap around the lip of the entrance.
(4) Heavy duty #10 nylon coil zipper with self locking sliders and pull tabs hold the bag securely closed.
(5) 360 degrees around the girth of the tank bag is reflective piping to aid conspicuity in low light conditions.
(6) We have removed the traditional map pocket with an unbreakable, scratch resistant, polycarbonate molder lid (patent applied for) with hinges for the ultimate ease of inserting a map. To operate one simply raises the lid, inserts the map, then closed the lid (about 5 seconds). No more unzipping, inserting, straightening, rezipping, no more wind flap, etc.

(7) To broaden the function of the map pocket, a tray (patent applied for) was created in the bottom of the map pocket in which to place GPS,Bluetooth, communications equipment,etc. The genius of Powerlet electronics (optional equipment sold by Marsee) then provides electricity into the tank bag to serve all the equipment needs.
(8) We have created ports to permit ingress and egress from the bottom of the bag to the top of the bag and also for exiting the lid to the outside. Powerlet Powermate can be used to bring electricity into the bag and a second one can take power back outside for additional equipment power. The versatility is almost endless.

Marsee also sells Techmount products, equipment mounts designed to hold all the above mentioned products on the handlebars, mirror mounts, fork stems, fork tubes and now on Marsee tank bags. This adds another dimension of versatility to the Marsee tank bag function. Other features setting Marsee tank bags ahead of the competition are:
(9) Molded handles partially recessed into the bag for less protrusion.
(10) Shoulder strap attached to the handle is adjustable and removable.

(11) Internally there is an organizer with two pockets, mesh pocket with cell phone holder, I.D. card, plus pen and air gauge holder.
(12) Marsee molded D rings on all four corners and center back of bag.
(13) The base is removable and a versatile piece in itself with;
(14) Tough Tech, Sure Stick, non scratch bottom gives a good non-slipping grip to the tank but is not abrasive to paint.
(15) Located on the base is a seam sealed extra map pocket for additional map storage or day rides where the complete bag is not needed.
(16) The base is held in place with heavy duty # 10 nylon coil zippers, with self locking sliders and zipper pull tabs securely hold the base on the bag and loop tabs located on the side of the ends to hold the zipper slider In place to prevent the sliders from vibrating against the tank.
(17)Where magnets are used flaps are located on either side plus under the base to provide a broad range of contact and insuring a good solid fit. The magnets are super strong and steel capped to divert energy away from any magnetically erasable contents in the tank bag.

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