Arai GP-6S Racing Helmet- SA2015

Arai GP-6S Racing Helmet- SA2015

Arai GP-6S Racing Helmet- SA2015 The Arai GP-6S is designed with the sport driver in mind. It uses the same shape as the GP-6 PED and state-of-the-art GP-6RC, along with the same wider eyeport for increased peripheral vision. The GP-6S has single intake/single exhaust vents, along with an enlarged front vent for improved airflow and overall ventilation performance. This helmet is... » Read More

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  • Arai GP-6S Racing Helmet- SA2015
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Arai GP-6S Racing Helmet- SA2015

The Arai GP-6S is designed with the sport driver in mind. It uses the same shape as the GP-6 PED and state-of-the-art GP-6RC, along with the same wider eyeport for increased peripheral vision. The GP-6S has single intake/single exhaust vents, along with an enlarged front vent for improved airflow and overall ventilation performance. This helmet is SAH2015 certified and has M6 washer/nut installed at the factory. With the washer/nut installed, anyone can easily install a variety of Head and Neck Restraint systems that use a 6mm bolt to their helmets. This helmet also comes with the FIA 8858-2010 certification sticker applied to the interior liner of the helmet.

- Positive-Lock Shield: Positive shield lock mechanism provides solid-latching, while allowing normal operation of the shield. Designed to be an integral component of the shield system and function, not just an add-on afterthought. The simplicity of the function masks the complexity of the design.
- Shield Pivot Hardware- Shield pivot hardware improves aerodynamics. Type "6" 3mm shield.
- Wider Eyport- wider eyport for increased peripheral field of view
- Ventilation- Large, closable intake vent combined with a larger 10 mm hole greatly increases air intake. Larger 10mm rear vent hole further increases airflow.
- M6 Anchor Type- Integrated seats to accommodate a variety Head and Neck Restraint devices. Pre-installed M6 threaded washer/nut, with 6mm threads, to accept a variety of systems and make installation easier for people not familiar with such installations. Flat surface area around the mounting nut to allow the anchor post base to rest flush with the helmet surface around the entire perimeter of the anchor base.
- Chinbar- newly sculpted chin bar and ride along lower edge of shell to improve structural integrity. Provides a stronger shell near the opening where it is needed as well as lowers the center of gravity. Rise in shell above the shoulders for added clearance.
- Available in gloss white or black frost (matte black).

Care & Cleaning

Use no cleaning products, no matter how mild you may think it is or it claims to be, on your Arai helmet. The only truly harmless method we have found to clean an Arai helmet is to use only warm water with a micro-fiber cloth.

For stubborn insect debris, a microfiber cloth soaked in warm water can be placed over the area, allowing the warm water to soften the harder to clean areas.

If stubborn debris, grease or oil cannot be removed with water alone, spot clean with a micro-fiber cloth with a small amount of denatured alcohol.

If you wish to protect the gloss finish, all natural carnauba wax applied with a micro-fiber cloth is recommended.

If you must use a cleaning product or polish, spray the cloth or rag and if using an aerosol spray let the fumes dissipate for a minute before cleaning the helmet. Never spray the helmet directly, as excess cleaner can get under vents or behind parts and soak there for an extended period of time. As a result, some plastic parts may become brittle and break prematurely or the tape holding on air vents can lose adhesion allowing the vents to fall off.

Shield Care & Cleaning

All Arai face shields have a very strong anti-scratch coating to extend the useable life of the shield.

The polycarbonate material used to manufacture the shield is very strong and durable, but is not shatterproof or impervious to damage. Products such as brake fluid, degreaser, gasoline and even gasoline fumes can quickly, easily, and often invisibly weaken the shield. Take great care not to expose your shield to any chemicals.

Face shield cleaning should be done only with warm water and a micro fiber cloth. Laying a microfiber cloth, soaked in warm water, across the shield will soften the bug debris and make cleaning easier.

Once cleaned, protecting the shield surfaces with an all natural carnauba wax will not only help bead rain water but reduce the amount of dirt build up as well.

The Arai Difference:

100% Handmade Care and Quality

Every Arai helmet is virtually 100% handmade. But the obsession goes even deeper than that.

Every Arai helmet must go through three separate quality-control departments: one after the shell is made; one after painting and graphic completion; and one after assembly. This attention to detail isn't performed on every hundredth helmet, or every tenth one, but every single Arai helmet. (This kind of thing could give a profit-driven, cheaper-price helmet maker a heart attack.)

And it still goes even deeper than that: The community of Arai workers who build your helmet are so involved it's as if their family name was on the front. Their level of pride, care, and understanding of what they do - and the rider they're doing it for - is so visible you can see it in their eyes, in their concentration. They actually sign the inside of the helmet they work on. It's part of the Arai "culture," honed over those three generations. It's part of who they are, too. The Arai worker. Arai alone.

Do you think you're worth this degree of attention? Do you really think it's something you can get with just any brand?

The Pure Pursuit of Quality

As you might have figured by this point, an Arai helmet isn't the product of compromise or the dictates of profit-driven shareholders. There aren't different levels of quality to fit a given price. Fact is, we don't build Arai helmets to fit a price. We couldn't, not with everything we put into them. Not with everything you get out of them. This is Arai alone.

We don't build helmets to squeeze under the barest minimum of safety standards. We don't build "DOT" helmets, or "Snell" helmets. We build ARAI helmets. To us, Snell and DOT standards are baselines, not objectives. The starting point, not the goal. We build your Arai helmet to our standards, toward the ideal of what "could" happen to you in an accident instead of simply what's "likely" to happen. As a result of this effort a typical Arai helmet easily meets the world's major motorcycle-helmet safety standards - with little or no modification

The Arai Warranty

Arai alone was the first helmet company to have the confidence in its product to offer a full 5-Year Limited Warranty 15 years ago! Only recently have a couple others extended their warranties past one year. If a manufacturer doesn't trust its helmets for more than one year, why should you?

Number One in a World of Motorsports

A lot of helmet companies can make motorcycle helmets. But Arai alone can also claim the unparalleled world-class quality, reputation, and technology to be chosen by more than half the drivers on the Formula-1 grid.

Arai alone is chosen by both the 2008 Indianapolis 500 winner and the rookie of the year!

By NASCAR® heroes like Jeff Gordon, Jeff Burton, and Juan Pablo Montoya.

Not to mention all four current American MotoGP racers. And so on.

Which tells you just how really special and different these helmets are. Bottom line: Arai alone can dominate areas of motorsports others can't conceive of even competing in.

It All Comes Down to This:

In the end, what is your comfort and confidence worth to you?

Can you really put a "price" on them? An Arai helmet isn't inexpensive. It isn't made to be.

And when you wear one, it isn't made to feel good for just an hour or two. It's made to feel good all day, every day - and to keep feeling good for years, long after cheap helmets have become loose and shabby (and probably had to be replaced more than once).

You can't always see the reasons why an Arai feels better, but they're there: lower weight from aerospace fiberglass-based construction; a lower center of gravity for better balance and less strain; softer single-piece multiple-density liners (whose technology still hasn't been able to be copied in almost 20 years). Ventilation systems that work in the real world, not just in drawings. A helmet with no "minor" parts. And the result is major: you just feel good. You want to keep riding.

That's why we build our helmets the way we do. Because it's not about what you pay, it's about what you get.

You could go through a bunch of cheaper helmets in the lifespan of just a single 5-year-warranty Arai - and wind up spending more in the long run. Worse, you'd miss out on Arai's legendary comfort, fit, features, and feeling of confidence along the way. A helmet is something you're going to spend too much time and too many miles in to not ensure that every bit of it is a pleasure. So compromise somewhere else.

Maybe that's why someone once said that when you consider everything that goes into an Arai helmet, the price almost sounds like a bargain.

Few of us can afford to own the very best of most things. But with an Arai helmet, you truly can own the very best of something.